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1/100 Renault FT-17 - Single model

One DLP 3D printed model kit in blister; it consists of just 2 parts (hull and turret). No assembly required. A convenient reinforcement for your armoured unit –or just for giving the model a try!
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1/100 Stug IV - Boxed kit

Boxed set of 1 fast assembly plastic model kit of the German Sturmgeschutz IV self-propelled gun. It comprises 12 parts.
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1/100 Trubia-Naval Tank - Boxed set

Boxed set containing 2 easy assembly resin model kits, each one consisting of just 2 resin parts, besides of two sprues for optional weapons (the one for hull, the other for turret). Assembly schema at box reverse.
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1/72 "World of Tanks" Sherman - Boxed kit

Boxed kit of a fast assembly plastic model kit, which requires no glue for assembling. Sticker sheet and assembly instructions inside box. Also inside, an in-game bonus code for the videogame "World of Tanks".
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1/100 Panzer IV F2 - Boxed kit

Boxed set of 1 fast assembly plastic model kit of the German Panzer IV Ausf. F2 medium tank. Sprue consists of 9 parts.
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