1/100 Renault FT-17 - Single model

1/100 Renault FT-17 - Single model

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One DLP 3D printed model kit in blister; it consists of just 2 parts (hull and turret). No assembly required. A convenient reinforcement for your armoured unit –or just for giving the model a try!



Republican FT-17In 1922 Spain purchased 11 Renault tanks for being used against the Rifians in Morocco. 6 additional tanks were later needed to replace those damaged during the Rif War.

At the outbreak of Spanish Civil War, 10 of those original tanks were still operative, divided into two groups or "regiments" of 5 tanks each. The one based in Saragossa fell into Nationalist hands, while the other was held by the Republic in Madrid.

Later, both the Spanish Republic and Basque Government acquired a number of supplementary units, mainly from Poland --sixteen each. Most of these fell soon into Nationalist hands. By mid-war, the survivors were grouped for second line duties in the Front of Aragon.

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