Minairons 1:72 WW2 guns

1/72 Schneider 155mm howitzer

White metal kit of a Schneider 155/13 howitzer in pack, consisting of just 5 parts. It's the same gun of 20GEV014 IGC Sadurní tractor boxed set, but this one in firing position.
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1/72 Vickers 105mm howitzer

Bagged resin kit of a Vickers 105mm howitzer (105/22), also comprehensive of its limber (same as in 20GEV035 Landesa Tractor boxed kit). A total of 6 parts in white metal.
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1/72 Ansaldo 105mm gun

Bagged kit of an Ansaldo 105mm gun (105/28), comprising 5 white metal parts.
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1/72 Autocannone 3RO - Boxed set

Boxed set with 1 fast assembly plastic model kit consisting of 30 parts, besides of 8 Italian artillerymen figures and a small decal sheet. Assembly instructions inside box.
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1/72 88mm Flak 37 AA gun - Boxed kit

Boxed set with 1 fast assembly plastic model kit consisting of 17 parts, besides of 8 German artillerymen figures. Assembly instructions at box reverse.
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1/72 Soviet 45mm AT gun

Boxed set containing 1 Russian 45mm anti-tank gun and 2 plastic crewmen.
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1/72 German PaK 36 AT gun

Boxed set containing 1 German PAK36 anti-tank gun and 2 plastic crewmen.
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1/72 Soviet ZiS-3 AT gun

Boxed set containing 1 Soviet ZiS-3 AT gun and 3 plastic crewmen.
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