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A barrier, sentry box,  brazier and sandbag protection piece. This set can be used from WW1 up until the present day. Vehicle not included!
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Pack containing some domestic furniture accessories.
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Two-span bridge

1 bridge resin model. This bridge can be used with bloody barons (Wars of the Roses) right up until the present day. A good stone structure will last hundreds of years. The bridge is wide enough for a Tiger tank.
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Street & road signs

Pack containing 8 sign pieces. The shorter (concrete) sign is common to European towns and villages to mark the start and end of the conurbation. The middle sign is a more ad -hoc arrangement used to direct military traffic. The right hand sign is of a rural type.
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Petrol Station accessories

Pack containing 6 accessories. These items will cretae a European standard petrol station.  These can be put outside any building because most petrol stations were multi-function establishments unlike modern ones.
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HQ stuff

Pack containing 2 x tables, 4 x chairs and 2 x scissor scopes, that can be used either for SCW, WWII and later wars. Ideal for a higher command post.
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