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15mm Peter Pig WoTR special order

WOTR heavy gun 23016 1 WOTR light guns x2 23015 1 WOTR gunners 23014 1 Wars of the Roses generic flags(28 Flags) XX005 1 WOTR hand gunners 23023 2 WOTR Standards 23070 1
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A barrier, sentry box,  brazier and sandbag protection piece. This set can be used from WW1 up until the present day. Vehicle not included!
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Pack containing some domestic furniture accessories.
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1/72 Spanish inf. Flag bearer

Bagged set containing 1 white metal figure of a Bourbon spanish Line Infantry flag bearer. Flag pole is a separate part, so a little assembly is required. Warning: flag itself is not included.
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1/72 Spanish Infantry command

Bagged set comprising 4 white metal figures of a Bourbon spanish Line Infantry command set; it comprises officer, flag bearer, drummer and NCO. Flag pole and drum are separate parts, so a little assembly is required.
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1/72 Russian Infantry of Peter I

Boxed set with 43 figures of Russian infantrymen including musketeers, pikemen, grenadiers, officer, flag bearer, drummer and sergeant.
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1/72 Soviet Engineers

Boxed set containing 4 Soviet engineer figures, besides of 8 scenery pieces.
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